Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Realtor Blues

Features: David Sikes, Bass Player from BOSTON
Written By: Brad Andersohn & Jeff Dennis


Anonymous said...

This album features Tav Green and David Sikes from (Boston) and was recorded in a home studio. It was debuted live at the Solano Association of Realtors Annual Christmas program.

REALTOR® said...

I was there, it was an awesome event. The best I hae seen in over 20 years!!

Brad said...

Thanks for the compliment!!

Pennsylvania Baby Boomer said...

Brad and Debra, enjoyed hearing situations I've experienced as a realtor played to music, blues at that! Thanks for the treat.

Brad Andersohn said...

We're glad you liked it, but sorry you experienced those situations. :-))

It was fun to write and play this at the Solano Association of REALTORS for Christmas a few years back.

Time for a new song I think:
"I Will Survive" Oops, I think that one is taken already... lol~