Saturday, May 3, 2008

All I Need - Music Video

All I Need by Brad & Debra Andersohn
Recorded and Filmed on location in Fairfield, CA.

Music and Video Produced at
"The Loft at The Ranch" in Cordelia, CA.

Copyright 2008 - All Rights Reserved.
Download "ALL I NEED" Here


Nick Bastian said...

Love it.. You guys did an awesome job!

Brad Andersohn said...

Thanks Nick, hope to come see you in person very soon. Thanks for checkin out the Vid and taking time to comment! :-))

Rick said...

One of many blessings that The Lord has given to Debra. Let her voice shine the the Light of His Glory!

Brad Andersohn said...

Rick, she is certainly blessed as am I to be able to do these projects with her. Being her husband is just the icing on the cake!! :-)